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Qallo QEnergy Tubs

From day one, our goal has been enabling you, a generation of digital warriors, to thrive - online and in real life. After launching Qallo a year ago, our family has tremendously grown with a bunch of unique, positive minded and ambitious people. Each and every one building their own hero story, using our plant-based supplements QFocus, QSleep and QFlex. We couldn't be more proud of how things were going.

But something was missing...

In talking to and spending time with our community, we quickly noticed that unhealthy, high-in-sugar energy drinks still played a big part in a lot of people's daily routine. Drinks that weren't designed to consume when sitting still in front of a screen. Time for Qallo to step in.

The ask was clear: a healthy energy boost, optimized for working, gaming, creating, trading, thriving in the digital world. Our answer was even clearer: QEnergy. A sugar-free energy drink powered by natural ingredients to energize, hydrate and improve your concentration.

No preservatives, no artificial colors and 100% vegan. Available in three natural flavors. Dozens of iterations and multiple tasting sessions with our community resulted in a refreshing beverage packed with B-vitamins and essential minerals. Topped off with nootropics and adaptogens for more focus.

Truth be told: QEnergy is a game changer.

Qallo™ QEnergy Sachet and Shaker

Product Information

  • Available in tubs and sachets
    • 40 servings per tub
    • 30 sachets per container
  • Sugar-Free
  • 21 kcal
  • Plant powered formula
    • Energy boosting ingredients optimized for digital performance
    • Essential minerals for hydration
    • Nootropics and adaptogens for focus and concentration
    • B-vitamins for health & well-being
  • Three fresh, natural flavors.
    • Red Berries: a sweet mix of wild berries
    • Mango Pineapple: a revitalizing tropical fruity taste
    • Lemon Lime Ginger: a fresh citrus taste with a hint of ginger
  • 100% full disclosure label
  • Proudly researched and produced in Belgium, home of a high quality and highly regulated food and health industry

Plant powered Energy x Focus x Hydration

SUGAR-FREE. You don't need added sugars for boosting your energy during low physical activities (like desk work, gaming, editing, etc) - so we opted for no sugar in our energy drink. In full transparency, QEnergy does contain a minimal amount of sugar (below the sugar-free claim threshold) because we wanted to work with natural flavors (instead of synthetic flavors). As you can imagine, a pineapple or red berry extract contains very small amounts of sugar.

ENERGY FOR DIGITAL PERFORMANCE. We opted for moderate amounts of natural caffeine from Guarana and taurine. It was super important for us to stay away from jitters, anxiety or a caffeine dip. In our quest for the perfect energy blend, we came across Zynamite®, a standardized mango extract that has shown caffeine replacement and amplifying effects in scientific research. It has become a key natural component of QEnergy.

NOOTROPICS AND ADAPTOGENS FOR FOCUS AND CONCENTRATION. We've added multiple, thoroughly researched natural ingredients like L-theanine from green tea, Ashwaganda and Ginkgo Biloba that help relieve stress and increase cognitive performance. A great extra for mental peak performance.

MINERALS FOR HYDRATION. Natural essential minerals like Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium (from sea salt) support a good fluid balance in the body. QEnergy should also be mixed with 400ml of water, to make sure you also consume a nice amount of water while drinking our product.

B-VITAMINS FOR HEALTH & WELL-BEING. B-vitamins contribute to the normal cell energy metabolism of your body. QEnergy contains 100% of the recommended daily intake of all B-vitamins (except for vitamin B9 or folic acid). This ensures you meet your daily need for B-vitamins - which is not always attained through your diet when having a busy lifestyle. Don't worry about consuming additional B-vitamins through other food sources, due to their water soluble nature you will easily dispose any excess intake.

Qallo™ QEnergy Supplement Facts

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