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The Benefits of Qallo QFlex

The human body was initially built for performing its basic tasks to survive: hunting and gathering food and resources. A few million years later, the industrial and digital revolution changed how we spend our days. We mainly run as a hobby and barely as a necessity.

Getting access to food is no longer linked to our ability to track where certain animals live or non-poisoned berries grow. Nowadays, we can sit back and relax in a chair, work, socialize and play games with each other without being afraid of a sudden death caused by eating the wrong piece of fruit.

However, we are doing things that our body initially wasn't built for and has not yet properly adapted to - like sitting for longer periods or performing thousands of repetitive micro-motions with our hands and wrists.

The good: we learned a lot about our bodies

The good thing is that we got smarter and know a lot about how our body works and how we can prevent certain issues. Strength training, stretching, a good ergonomic position, a proper diet and taking enough breaks can go a long way in preventing inflammation and injuries in your joints, tendons, and muscles.

There are many organisations and experienced individuals providing tips and content on these topics like GScience, Adamas, 1HP, Esports Healthcare and Jen Fraboni, to name a few (or check out this awesome video from Levi Harrison). The Handbook of Esports Medicine also even got published recently, containing a lot of information on several common injuries and how to threat them.

The bad: injuries happen

However, like in regular sports, sometimes injuries happen. Nobody is perfect and every body responds different to certain situations and amounts of load. Even by doing a decent effort in injury prevention - you can get injured. That is, case in point, what happened to me.

To give you a little bit of background about myself - I am an healthy individual. I ride my race bike multiple times a week, which I combine with bodyweight exercises and active stretching. I try to properly hydrate, eat healthy (with a cheat meal from time to time, I mainly blame McDonalds for putting Pokémon cards in Happy Meals again) and take enough breaks in between gaming. My sleep schedule is not perfect but far from bad. I use a powerball to strengthen my wrists and did a lot of research on my ergonomic position.

But unfortunately, due to my hypermobile joints, my right wrist got inflamed and I had to take a small break from training and gaming to recover.

The ugly: it's more common than you might think

After sharing this with my friends and talking to several content creators, competitive players, and designers, joint issues are much more common than I expected. So we embarked on a mission to develop a joint support product could both help in prevention and recovery.

Introducing: QFlex

Using myself as a guinea pig, we were able to create a supplement which I am super excited about: QFlex. The high quality and patented ingredients of QFlex strengthen connective tissue, support mobility and flexibility of your joints and support a healthy physical response to overload and inflammation.

It is the perfect extra on top of a healthy lifestyle. By both aiding in the recovery process of joint issues as preventing joint injuries all-together, QFlex is a great product for people spending a lot of time behind the video screen.

QFlex a game changer in supporting what our body initially wasn't built for and has not yet properly adapted to. If you are a geek like me, I'd invite you to check out all the ingredients of QFlex and the corresponding scientific research on the QFlex science page.

Sidenote: maybe we don't need to adapt our bodies to our changed way of living, if Elon Musk is able to further develop Neuralink. If a monkey can play pong with its mind, who knows what we will be capable of doing.

Never forget: if you experience serious issues, always consult a doctor or physiotherapist

If you're interested, you can check out QFlex on our webshop.

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