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Qallo Partners With Team New Age
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Big news. Today we announced our partnership with the US-based Team New Age. Together, we want to push our mission o
QEnergy - The Energy Boost For Thriving In The Di
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After launching Qallo a year ago, our family has tremendously grown with a bunch of unique, positive minded and ambitious people, using our plant-based supplements QFocus, QSleep and QFlex. We couldn't be more proud of how things were going. But something was missing...

Why we're launching QFlex
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The human body was initially built for performing its basic tasks to survive: hunting and gathering food and resources
We got an esports team to peak performance in 10
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It was a so-so season and the Belgian League Country Finals was soon approaching. The Belgian League of Legends’ Sect
The effects of exercise one video game performance
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A study with 20 young LoL players A recent study showed that short bouts of exercise help boost your brain functions.

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